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Artist statement

My work explores the relationship between the human and the artificial in the age of virtuality. We become mental cyborgs, when our minds unite with the machines in the immaterial world of computers. At the same time our bodies don’t really change, still we know how deeply the synthetic and the natural are intertwined. Through my work I highlight a process happening meanwhile: the rational man yearns for faith, for that sublime, the sacred. I am investigating how faith in the future of humanity can be embodied through art.

In my large-format canvases, I show subjects that are both apparent and yet beyond comprehension. It is a fragment of a powerful entity bigger and mightier than us, and we know that the power doesn’t arise from it’s mechanical body parts. Ont he contrary: these oily, shiny ans sometimes rusty organs mean all a possibility of failure.

The question is whether these massive mechnaical post-human beings carry salvation or doom.